MOA Awards - Categories and Criteria

On the 10th of November 2015, the MOA cluster will proudly presents the second annual MOA Awards.  These awards are designed to recognised digital excellence in education at Matapu, Opunake, Auroa  and Kaponga Schools only.  The categories for the 3 schools to enter in are as follows

There are 3 sections.  Junior (Years 0-3) Intermediate (Years 4-6) and Senior (Years 7/8).  Children and staff will be able to enter in the following categories

- Best Student Blog (Intermediate and Senior)
- Best Student Blog (Teacher)                         
- Best Short Movie (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)                
- Best Animation (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)           
- Best Music Video (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)          
- Best Educational Video (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)  
- Graphic Design Poster (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)  
- Best Original Image (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)                                        
- Best Te Ao Maori (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)
- Best Book Trailer (Intermediate and Senior)
- Supreme Junior/Intermediate/Senior