Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Auroa Room 2 - Kidsedchat

Today Room 2 participated in Kidsedchatnz for the second time.  For more information, go to  It is highly engaging and Room 2 are very enthusiastic tweeters. This week the topic was:  'The Courage to Continue'.  Today Josh, Joe, Jacob, Ben, Danielle, Te Putu, Haze and Caleb answered the following questions:
Question 1:
What sports are offered at your school?
Question 2:
What makes a great sportsman?
Question 3:
Who is your favourite sporting hero? What attributes of theirs standout?
Question 4:
Why is it important to be involved a sport?
Question 5:
What sport do you need the most skill to play?  Persuade the rest of us (try and start a conversation with another class)!
Question 6:
How have you displayed courage while playing a sport?
Question 7:
If you could take 3 sportsmen out for dinner who would they be?

Monday, 24 March 2014

Room 4 - Matapu - Blend Brainstorms!

This week Room 4 have been focusing on the sound that the letters 'bl' make. They went around the school and took pictures of things that start with a 'bl' sound. Jazmyn and Jahvana made this in 'pic collage' and labelled all the pictures, to show our learning.

Room 7 Auroa - Basic Facts Ladder

We just got our basic facts ladder up and running today. Most children are working on finger patterns to 10. Parents and Whanau please come in and have a look at what your child's next steps are. 

Room 7 Auroa - Writing

They have been learning to use full stops and capital letters in the correct places. 

Room 8 Auroa - Listening to Music

In Room 8 this week, we  have started to learn about music. We have been thinking about tempo (fast and slow) and we have been learning how to read musical rhythms. We discovered that by listening to music we can hear a story. We listened to Grieg's Hall of the Mountain King, and closed our eyes to imagine what was happening in the music. Miss Nicholas didn't tell the class what the piece was called, so that they could form their own ideas. After, we watched an orchestra performance of the same piece on youtube, and discussed and researched the instruments we could see. Room 8 has been asking to listen to the piece every day since! We hope you enjoy some of our stories about what we heard!

Room 8 Auroa - Counting On

The Pentagons maths group is learning to add by counting on from the biggest number. Here is a video Bailey and Siobhan made to explain how to use this strategy. We used the App "Farmyard Make a Scene" to create a problem, then the children took a snapshot of this and imported it into Educreations to solve it. 

Room 8 Auroa - Puppet Pals

In reading at the moment, Isabella is focusing on using expression, and thinking about what is interesting to listen to. Today Isabella used the Ipad app Puppet Pals for the first time. She first read her new book with Miss N, then she created her characters by taking photos from her book. She then went outside onto the deck to create this animation all by herself. You can hear her using her reading strategies when she comes to a tricky word, and using some beautiful expression. Kapai Isabella!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Room 6 Auroa - Our Passions using Padlet


Room 6 Auroa - Bio Art

Please watch our 'Bio Poem Art' video where students have written poems about themselves and then used warm and cool coloured oil pastels to create these vibrant works of art. Take a watch and then come in and look in the classroom to see your child’s beautiful poem too!
Bio Poem Art from Alidia Ericsson on Vimeo.

Look how well the students blended in the pastels so no white paper could be seen!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Room 3 Auroa - Scary Story

Room 3 are looking at descriptive writing this week and it gave me an idea about how to make it more interactive. Here is a little pick-a-path adventure. Click on the dark blue links to escape the haunted house. But be warned it's scary. This works best with Google chrome. The links may not work with other web browsers

Room 3 Auroa - Making a blog title in comic life

Here are some students from Room 3 demonstrating how to make your own custom blog title in comic life and upload it to your own blog. We hope you enjoy the video. Please leave a comment if you found it helpful.

Room 1 Auroa - Haikudeck

Today in class we looked at using 'Haiku Deck' as a way of displaying information. As part of the Global Blogging Challenge we made a connection from Austin Texas with Mrs Kriese's Classroom. They created a Haikau Deck about their home town and state of Austin, Texas - which inspired us to do the same. Most of our class were unfamiliar with Haiku Deck but we had a tight deadline, which was to plan, complete from scratch and publish a Haiku Deck about our area. These are two examples from the students of Auroa Primary School about our School and area:

This was produced by Tahana from our class:

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

This Haiku Deck about our area was created by Kaiah, Meg and Heavenlee
Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app