MOA Awards - Entry Information

Entry Method: 

All Principals have been shared into a google sheet.  All of the combined schools will put their entries onto the one shared sheet.  It does not matter if your school does not have sequence.  Please ensure 1 entry per line.  Please ensure that all children's names are correctly on the sheet as this is how it will be printed on the certificates and finalist letters.

Please read

  • Name all of your entry files that you are uploading to the shared drive this way please - Entry Number, School, 
  • Principals are to upload all final files to the shared MOA Folders for judging. 
  • Each entry may be entered once only (in one category only)

To enter the 2015 MOA Awards you need to:

  1. Complete the entry sheet. This will contain the information about your school's entries in all categories.

  2. Entries must be original work created completely by students. Teachers (or other adults) must act as advisors only.

  3. No more than 8 entries for each section and category will be accepted from each school. (e.g. 8 x Year 1 - 3 digital photos; 8 x Year 4 - 6 digital photos; 5 x year 7 - 8 digital photos.) Schools must decide on the best entries to submit.

  4. Make sure you are submitting an entry in the correct category

  5. Entries close on Friday 25 September 2015 (the end of week 10)

Entry Formats

1.  All files are to be able to be watched or viewed from the google drives