Sunday, 13 April 2014


Auroa School would like to welcome Matapu and Opunake school to our first of 3 workshops this year.  Please find below a copy of the programme and a little information to inform you about the workshops that we will be running.  In each of the two sessions we will be running 3 different workshops that you will be able to attend.  We will also be videoing the workshops to put up on the blog afterwards so if later you wish to see them or you have forgotten something you can go back and revisit it.  It is very important that you fill in the registration form.  Only those email addresses will have permission to view the video's.

4:00 - Welcome and meeting and greet.  Myles and I will also share some stories about our trip to Singapore last week

4:10 - Session 1 begins -  Please refer to the timetable

4:30 - Session 2 begins -  Please refer to the timetable

4:50 - Wind up and questions

Room 8
Room 1
Room 5
Padlet – Online collaboration   
Presenters – Alidia Ericsson and Kelly Davidson
Be introduced to the power of padlet.  This is an online tool to gather the thoughts and ideas of your class.  You are also able to use the embed code to post on your class blog
Student Blogs – Getting your children connected!
Presenter – Myles Webb
In this workshop you will get to see some of the sample of what children in Room 1 have been up to this term.  A great place to get some ideas of how to kick off student blogs in your classroom. 
YouTube - More than you think
Presenter – Heath Chittenden
In this workshop you will learn about how to use the different tools in YouTube.  Learn about video editing, slideshows and other tips on how to get the most from this web 2.0 tool.
Arasma, Educreations and more – An approach to Maths    
Presenters – Shakira Nicholas and Shelley Berry
This workshop is action packed full of information about how to bring your learning intentions to life through these apps.  Looking for a quick embed code to show a maths strategy.  This workshop will provide the answers through educreations

Presentation – How to use this tool to inspire young writers
Presenter – Brent Spice
Learn about how to create picker path stories for children that are fully interactive.  Brent will also show you how to embed these straight into your blogs so your children can enjoy them at home with their families.  This workshop will open your eyes to new and exciting ways to use presentation
Chrome add ons – Unlocking the power in the chrome
Presenter – Heath Chittenden
In this workshop you will about a few tricks in Google chrome. Have multiple email accounts and are sick and tired of logging in and out, how do you match that perfect colour from your browser, these questions and more will be answered at this workshop.

MOA Cluster Workshop Registration Form